I’d like to thank friends of Goomba for making him fatter!
This brings the total drive count to 13, and once fully reconfigured, 27TB of redundant storage.

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DRM Cable Channels

I go through this fight every year… I pay for cable, and greedy tv channel owners DRM lock their channels so that people don’t steal the content…

The problem is, as a paying customer, I can’t view their channel because I don’t use a traditional cable box.

Now I have to find an “alternate” source.

Service Restoration

Alright Friends of Yoshi —
The data drives on goomba are back online, and I am bringing all services back online slowly over the next 30 minutes.

Things will be slow for the next day or so, as the data drives do their thing.

[******@goomba ~]$ zpool status ThreeStore
pool: ThreeStore
state: ONLINE
status: One or more devices has experienced an error resulting in data corruption. Applications may be affected.
action: Restore the file in question if possible. Otherwise restore the entire pool from backup.
scan: scrub in progress since Sun Sep 6 14:06:10 2015
258G scanned out of 16.9T at 227M/s, 21h24m to go
0 repaired, 1.49% done